Fluid Leaks Aren’t Good for a Car


Leaking fluid represents an enormous risk to your vehicle. A car that experiences a significant loss of oil could see its engine turn to scrap metal. Brake fluid leaks may lead to a crash. Drivers do need to identify spots on the ground when they look at them. Knowing what fluids are leaking can lead to taking the right action. 

A vehicle relies on different fluids to operate. Each fluid comes with its unique colors. Fresh transmission fluid is pinkish, for example, while coolant may be blue or green. Please be aware that fluids may change color as they age. Dirty fluids – whether leaking or not – might be due for a change. 

Be on the lookout for any leaks. Placing a piece of white cardboard under the car to catch the fluid helps identify the color. Regardless of the leaking fluid, take appropriate steps to have the vehicle fixed. 

Are you experiencing leaks or other problems? We encourage you to seek out repairs from a trusted automotive service technician.  

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